A laid back country boy from the rolling hills of Kentucky isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you picture the ideal photographer for your family. Kyle Terry understands that. He readily admits he doesn’t fit the typical mold when it comes to a photographer. It’s that unconventional package that makes Kyle a favorite among families in the Bluegrass. Once behind the lens, Kyle has a keen ability to capture the unique personality of each subject, and the heart of that family.  

“Kyle’s photography isn’t just an annual to-do that you check off your list. Kyle’s images hang on your walls and transport your heart back to that very moment, and the memories of that season of your life. “

Kyle studied photojournalism at Western Kentucky University. It was there where he refined his craft and realized that his passion was truly a gift from God that could be used to tell the stories of people through a lens.

“His laid-back nature, love of sports, and simple country life seem to put my husband at ease. All the while, his humor and love of children, made wrangling my kiddos and capturing their personalities a simple task. And let’s be honest… if the guys aren’t miserable and the kids are having fun, the chance of you getting some great family pictures increases tremendously. “

Kyle’s passion for photography has landed him in some pretty unique settings… pools of crystal clear Caribbean seas, the mountains of Maine, crackling bonfires, white sandy beaches and deep dark forests. His favorite thing to do is simply enjoy your company and help you freeze these very moments in time.

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